Black Drone Quadcopter with 4K, HD, very high resolution camera
Red Drone Quadcopter with 4K, HD, very high resolution camera and remote control connected to phone
White Drone Quadcopter with 4K, HD, very high resolution camera and remote control connected to phone
Black Drone Quadcopter with 4K, HD, very high resolution camera flying through sky
Small shock absorbers between drone and camera keep the camera as still as possible while you fly around allowing you to take crystal clear HD, 4K photos and videos
Phone showing live transmission of images and videos from the drone quadcopter's 4K, HD, high resolution camera to an app on your phone
Gesture control, with one gesture drone will take 4K, HD, very high resolution photo and video from camera allowing anyone to take pro photo and videos in a fun pose
Trajectory flight, on app on phone can draw flight path for drone to take stunning 4K, HD, high resolution and crystal clear photos and videos with its very high quality anti-shake camera
Contents of order - Red, Black or White Drone Quadcopter with 4K, HD, very high resolution camera, a remote control, charging line, screwdriver, 4 spare blades and 4 blade shielders to protect the propellers and a super long-lasting battery

The Hawk

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Have you ever wondered what its like to hover effortlessly in the sky like a hawk? Sounds pretty good right? 

With this drone that could be you! 'The Hawk' has tons of technology to keep the drone and the camera as stable as possible so that you can hover worry-free in the clouds and take thousands of stunning pictures and videos with its 4K camera.

Camera Features:

  • 4K HD camera
  • 110 degree wide angle lens
  • With smooth shock absorbers between the drone and the camera, you can go crazy with the drone while the camera stays perfectly still, allowing you to see beautifully clear photos and videos stack up on your phone during your craziest moments
  • The drone calculates the air pressure and makes adjustments accordingly to help it to hover at a constant height when you aren't touching the throttle, keeping the camera perfectly still and helping you to take stunning, high-resolution and crystal-clear photos and videos. This also makes the drone much easier to control as the drone will stay where it is whether your hands are on the remote or not, so that anyone, whether an expert or a novice, can fly it with ease and take beautiful photos and videos doing so


  • 1800mAh, 20 min flight time

Extra Features:

  • 360 degree flips with one click
  • Gesture control - with a wave of your hand, the drone will take stunning photo or video of you (up to a distance of 1-3m)
  • The drone can be connected to an app on your phone and you can easily attach your phone to the remote so that you can watch what the drone sees live on your phone 
  • The drone has a built in 2.4Ghz wifi-module, meaning that it doesn't use up any of your mobile data to transmit photos and videos live from the drone to the app on your phone
  • Using the app and gyroscope on your phone, you can take full control of the drone and make it fly wherever you want simply by tilting your phone forwards, backwards, left and right
  • In the app you can add music, special effects, filters and share your photos and videos
  • You can connect the drone to your phone and VR glasses (not included) to immerse yourself in the skyhigh world of the drone
  • You can even control the drone using our voice! For example, tell the drone to fly right, and it will fly right!
  • 3 different speed modes (3,6 and 12 m/s) so that you can fly as slow or fast as you want, depending on the wind speed or how wild you are feeling
  • The drone has highly flexible blades that bend on impact rather than snapping
  • 2 spare blades 
  • 4 blade shielders
  • Lose sight of the drone? Think it's lost?! Bring it home with one click - one key take off, return and landing using the built in gps in the drone
  • Unsure which direction the drone is facing? Headless mode will re-orientate your senses - if you tell the drone to move right, it will move to your right, no matter which way the drone is facing
  • Or if after a long day of work you just want to let the drone take stunning pictures for you, simply drag your finger across your phone screen in whatever path you want the drone to take

So, a drone that can hover effortlessly in the sky, has a brilliant 4K HD camera and has tons of snazzy features to play around with making flying easy, fun and packed full of beautiful photos and videos.

Love the idea of hovering perfectly still in the clouds like a hawk?

Of course you do!

So treat yourself. Everyone deserves to hover worry-free in the sky once in a while, right?

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